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About the book

Carla had wanted to become an artist when she grew up. She became an accountant instead. Then Carla’s calm life of numbers and “sense” was upended. She met LEO, the Maker Prince. And through LEO’s magic—3D printing—Carla finally became the artist she’d long ago wished to be.

3D printing isn’t magic, but LEO the Maker Prince is. Written for anyone who wants to learn more about 3D printing, LEO takes a fanciful and beautifully illustrated trip through today’s emerging technologies in a way that makes it understandable to readers of all ages.

Today’s new fabrication technologies hold unknown promise for tomorrow. Some predict that, with the advent of inexpensive home 3D printing, we will all soon be producing our own consumer items. Others think the printer will be used to enhance or modify existing objects. And still others believe that the 3D printer will spawn new types of “microfacturing” where entrepreneurs can quickly build, replicate, and distribute new products themselves, with very little cost.

This book is a celebration of those possible futures.

By putting these ideas into the hands of children, we can help jumpstart our ambassadors for the future.

LEO would love that.